[Book Two of The Apothecary Trilogy]

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It’s 1954, and Janie Scott is in boarding school in New Hampshire. Two years have passed since she last saw the mysterious apothecary and his defiant son, Benjamin. All she knows is that her friends are out there somewhere, trying to keep the world safe in an age of mounting atomic power. On the other side of the world, Benjamin is treating the wounded in a jungle war, and experimenting with a magical new formula that will let him communicate with Janie from across the globe. But Janie has her own experiment underway, and it’s attracting attention from sinister forces. Benjamin calls on their friend Pip for help, and they have to race to find one another—and to unravel the mystery of their powerful new enemies.

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“Magical (in multiple senses).... Readers will be glad to reconnect with these well-drawn characters and be grateful that Meloy has left room for a third installment.” 
— Publishers Weekly starred review

“This sober and well-constructed adventure accurately conveys the geopolitical instability of the era and is leavened with just enough magic, chaste romance and humor to appeal to middle-grade readers through teens.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“The Apprentices showcases Meloy’s descriptive writing and inventive plotting as Janie, Benjamin, and their comrades race around the globe battling the forces of nuclear doom.  Meloy is a sophisticated writer, and like The Apothecary, this sequel offers magic in both the action and the wordsmithing.” 
— Austin American-Statesman

“[A] magical romp.” 
— Family Circle

“I can't get enough of the cover by Ian Schoenherr, and then there's what's inside: The sequel to Meloy's The Apothecary takes Janie Scott to boarding school in New Hampshire and Benjamin to a war in a jungle on the other side of the world, where he experiments with a new formula that will let him communicate with Janie. Magical adventures (and more illustrations from Schoenherr) ensue.” 
— The Atlantic Wire

“Great characters, action, intrigue and history.”
— NPR Best Books of 2013