A Rat Story

A single-volume short story in a palm-sized book.

Eleanor is in such a rush to move away from her parents that she allows an imperious realtor to rush her to close on the too-good-to-be-true home without an inspection. Shortly after the house becomes legally hers—with every cent and all of her pride and future tied up in the property—the giant rats show themselves. In the yard, in the kitchen, on her daughter’s bed. A walk around the block reveals a decrepit neighboring house where two elderly sisters are feeding and fostering thousands of unusual “pets.” What has Eleanor done? What action can she possibly take now?

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“The smallness, the closeness, the creeping, awful intimacy of the tale is echoed in its format, and in this, Devotion reminds me of other small books which I have come to love. Like Norman Maclean's A River Runs Through It, it wears its emotion plainly and unadorned. Like Julian Barnes' The Sense Of An Ending, it presumes a familiarity with youth and pain and feels no need to waste words explaining them. Like all such small, vicious things, Devotion does its damage and leaves its scars with an admirable efficiency, and without a single breath wasted.”
— Jason Sheehan, NPR Books

“This haunting tale of devotion—of a parent to a child, of one sibling to another, of a child to an alter ego, and of rats to no one—will take almost no time to read, but the demand it will place on your time through infested contemplative thought will continue for some time.” 
— Beth Golay, Books & Whatnot