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Coming from Riverhead Books June 6, 2017

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“This is the book that every reader longs for: smart and thrilling and impossible to put down. Read it once at breakneck speed to find out what happens next, and then read it slowly to marvel at the perfect prose and the masterwork of a plot. It is an alarmingly good novel.”

—Ann Patchett, author of Commonwealth and Bel Canto

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The After-Room, book 3 in the Apothecary trilogy (for kids ages 9 & up), in paperback now from Puffin Books

“Meloy brings to her first novel for young readers the same emotional resonance that has won acclaim for her adult fiction, grounding her story in the intricacies of family love, friendship and loyalty, blended here with the complicated fluctuations of adolescence.”

—The New York Times Book Review